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Genesis® Artist Colors

U.S. Patent 5,700,858. Patent pending worldwide.

Welcome to a new experience in painting! This guide will help you become familiar with the unique features and benefits of Genesis® Artist Colors.

Brief Overview

Not Oil or Acrylic

Genesis® Artist Colors are a new paint chemistry, called "Heat Set Artist Oils." Genesis is an artist quality fine-art paint that is ready to apply without repeated pre-mixing and will not dry until you are ready; then it dries very quickly.

Genesis® Artist Colors offer fine control in mixing, blending and application, and can be worked in many states without the addition of mediums. They are very similar to oil paints in feel, opacity and translucence. We encourage you to experiment with your style to achieve the desired effect.

Genesis® Artist Colors stay wet until heated, making them more convenient than oils or acrylics. The paint will not dry when left in the open on a non-porous surface. It is important to use a glass or other non-porous surface such as china, polished marble or porcelain for your palette.

Other paints have very different chemistries from Genesis® Artist Colors. Do not mix Genesis® Artist Colors with other oils or acrylics because the results are unpredictable.

Since Genesis® Artist Colors do not air dry, you do not have to clean your brushes even if you will not get back to painting for days, weeks or even months. When cleaning brushes for quick color changes, simply wipe off excess paint, swirl in rubbing alcohol, wipe and repeat. The alcohol quickly cleans and evaporates out of the cleaned brush. You may also clean brushes by using warm water and soap, such as Dawn® dishwashing detergent. Dry your brushes thoroughly after cleaning.

While Genesis® Artist Colors can be thinned or cleaned with solvents commonly used with oil paints such as paint thinner, turpenoid and mineral spirits, these solvents are not necessary. Most artists prefer rubbing alcohol or non-toxic Genesis Thinning Medium. Genesis® Art Colors are not water soluble.

Certified Non-Toxic

Genesis® Artist Colors are certified nontoxic and conform to ASTM D-4236. They are certified in a program of toxicological evaluation by a medical expert to contain no material in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans or to cause acute or chronic health problems.


Oil colors have been available to artists for five centuries. Recent decades brought the advent of acrylics and alkyds. Watercolors evolved from temporary weak paints to having longevity never before dreamed possible. The latest advancement is Genesis® Artist Colors Heat Set Artist Oils.

Developed and patented by professional artists, Genesis® Artist Colors offer the look and feel of traditional oils without the drying time restrictions, toxicity and odor. Genesis® Artist Colors contain a heat activated curing agent that allows for on-demand drying.

However, since they are a completely new medium, in spite of the similarities to regular oils, they also have special characteristics of which the artist can take advantage.

One of the characteristics of Genesis® Artist Colors is that they are thixotropic, therefore although they may be thick and like stiff paste in the jar, it only takes a little stirring or mixing with the spatula, for them to become soft and malleable. Application by spatula or brush is done very easily at this point, even when using the impasto, thick application technique. This painting technique can be used without having to add any thinning or other mediums.

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